Saturday, August 8, 2015

The King's Chain: White Horse, Black Raven Now Available in paperback and on Kindle. Visit my Author's Page at

A story of love and hate, loyalty and betrayal, honor and deceit.
And above all, courage.


            Don't let them take you alive! With this cry for victory or a glorious death in battle, the Alemanni warriors charge at their enemy. The year is AD 257, and the Crisis of the Third Century is about to get a whole lot worse for the Roman army.
        It is a time of upheaval in the Imperial Roman Empire. The Alemanni, a Germanic tribe, have pushed the Roman troops out of the territory they want for themselves. While usurpers claim Roman provinces and the young son of the emperor is brutally murdered, Berand, and Alemanni warrior destined for greatness, is gravely wounded in battle. It is up to the maiden he loves to heal him or follow him in death.
        But the Romans aren't the only enemy. The Alemanni are attacked by some of their own and are forced down a path of murder and revenge as they continue to battle Imperial Rome.
        In this novel set in an historical time, I bring to life the lives and traditions of a little-known Germanic tribe in a world where women are revered and men live to die in battle. Treachery must be dealt with and traditions will need to change to assure the survival and the freedom of a courageous and fiercely independent people. 

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